What's growing under here?!

In the spirit of all things environmentally friendly we've come up with a great re-purposing of Maghan Markle's veil....we wouldn't want those 53 flowers to go to waste!

Actually, this is a new crop we're growing for the first time at Cundall this year - pumpkins! The white material you can see is not the world's finest lace but fleece, because those pumpkin seeds need protecting against the odd late frost.

Our pumpkin seeds were drilled last Wednesday and we then had the fun job of covering them in fleece - it was a bit windy which made the job a lot harder! The patch is 2 acres big and we're hoping to grow 12,000 pumpkins!

We're very glad it rained yesterday as the pumpkin seeds need moisture to germinate and begin growing - we had been plotting all ingenious manners of irrigating them but fortunately Mother Nature did what she does best!

We'll keep you up to date with our pumpkins progress - if you're thinking of staying in October you're in for a treat! (I promise we won't do the accompanying tricks!)