Spring on the farm

As covid-19 rumbles on the B&B is sadly still closed but we hope to welcome guests back soon, we might have to change things slightly to adhere to social distancing.

It's been a busy few weeks at Cundall Lodge Farm. I have helped lamb our small flock of sheep - their main job is keeping the banks of the River Swale neat and tidy. For a small flock of sheep they have been quite prolific and I now have eleven pet lambs. Luckily most of them drink from the shepherdess bucket. It did have two teats but David has modernised it and added an extra teat so I just need to fill it three times a day and give it a good wash every now and then as it starts to smell a bit cheesey. For those of you that remember Rosa and Tishy the pet lambs from three years ago, they have had lambs of their own - mothers and babies are doing well.

The boys have been busy of the farm sewing crops and nurturing the ones we managed to sew in autumn. The autumn crops needs feeding with fertiliser and micronutrients after a challenging winter. We have re-sown some of the badly flooded areas, the oil seed rape is a little patchy but is now in flower, sorry hay fever sufferers! I can't believe after such a wet winter that we now badly need some rain, though I am sure you all do for your gardens too, it has started to rain as I type.

The pumpkins seeds have arrived, all 10,000 seeds and hopefully we will have a crop of 30,000+ pumpkins. We are growing lots of different varieties - decorative ones as well as tasty eating squashes.

I took part in the farm stay Easter video - all whilst social distancing with some clever editing! It was a bit of fun for Easter and hopefully made a few people laugh. We have more planned to lift people's spirits and spread the word that rural tourism is still out there and will hopefully be able to welcome guests back soon. Take a look on our Cundall Lodge Farm B&B Facebook page if you would like to see the video.

Keep well, keep safe.

Best wishes,