February On The Farm

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

I thought I'd give you an insight to what happens on the farm in February.

There's snow on the ground as I'm writing this and the views across the fields are lovely. I love the brisk days outside then coming into sit by the fire! At the moment David is quieter on the arable side as not much is growing yet.

Cundall Lodge Farm
Lovely frosty views across the farm

He is a little busier with the sheep though, getting ready for lambing to begin. We have been scanning the sheep to work out how many lambs each sheep is going to have - any expecting triplets get extra feed! We will start lambing at the beginning of March so all the work we put in now getting the pens ready and the bottles ready for the hand reared ones will make it easier when things get very busy.

On the B&B side I like to take this quieter time to prepare things for the rest of the year, for example doing the odd spot of painting and visiting the sales room to find things like a new mirror to add to the guest living room. I have also been busy in the garden - I started with clippers, moved onto loppers and ended up with the saw! I have re-discovered some lovely plants and am looking forward to seeing them flower this summer. I have been keeping out of mischeif in the kitchen making four batches of marmalade - hopefully that should see us through the season, as long as I hide it from David!

We are very much open for visitors - spring is a lovely time to come so do treat yourself to a relaxing break in God's Own Country. At the moment we have 10% off winter breaks of two nights or more taken before the end of March - you can check my availability here.

Hope to see you soon.