A different routine!

Dear Friends,

I never thought I’d write a blog like this! I just wanted to let you know that as past lovely guests of Cundall Lodge Farm that wherever you are in the world you are in our thoughts at this difficult and challenging time.

The B&B is closed until at least the end of May unless we are allowed to open it before then? My life has changed so much in 10 days. I have gone from making beds, servicing rooms and keeping the house and gardens ship shape to an empty house!

I always need to keep myself busy so I’ve got a new routine! I’m feeding our 40 sheep in a morning and in the afternoon, their version of cereals! I take Bella for a walk, we are often asked to look out for a lost sheep or bring back some “tram line markers” (the boys have been sowing corn and use them to indicate where the tracks for the tractor needs to go!).

Cundall Lodge Farm
Its busy at the Breakfast Buffet!

The boys (David and Robert) have a lot of catching up to do after such a wet winter. Some crops have had to be re-sown and in some fields they need to start from scratch. We will be growing pumpkins again and we are planning to grow more tasty ones. Next month the sheep will lamb and I’ll be able to keep an eye on them and help out with any lambs that may need help. I’ve also got loads of outside painting to do so there’s plenty to keep me out of mischief! So when we reopen again hopefully every thing should look nice and smart.

Keep well, stay safe.

With best wishes,